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  MileageSeekersHHO was created by GEORGE PAPP and RALPH GUGAR, and from day one we both agreed that our goal would be to not release any products for sale to the public until we were completely satisfied with the performance and high quality of the overall product and materials used. We also decided right from the start that we would always be completely honest about the performance of our products, by using only the most accurate equipment and tools affordable to us. That's the very reason we built our mobile HHO flow-testing bench, featuring all N.I.S.T. calibrated and certified meters, along with an ALICAT digital flow meter that accurately measures pressure and flow up to 30 LPM for 31 different gases including HHO to our growing list of test equipment... See the "About Us" page for more information on our flow bench.

   We now provide HHO FLOW-TESTING services to the public, that include all of the test results completely documented... See the "HHO flow-testing services" page for further details.

   We are proud to introduce our lineup of high quality, high performance HHO products and components... See "Our HHO products WebStore" page for more details and photos or you can also visit both the "Photo Gallery" and "Videos" for additional photos and videos of our products, flow-testing and what we've been up to over the last year. Starting with our trip down to Florida at the Inaugural "HHO Games" in Palmetto's "Mosaic Arena", where we participated in our own vendors booth, displaying some of our products and our award winning GMC Envoy SUV that captured the prize for the "MOST IMPRESSIVE HHO INSTALLATION". We were a big attraction there by performing our flow-testing service for participants, many of whom unfortunately, were disappointed by the nearly immeasurable amount of hydroxy gas their cells were producing. You will also see photos of some of our other HHO installations, and last but not least you'll be introduced to our resident guru, HHO-MAN, who will leave you grinning from ear to ear!

   There are also reference pages for great "Links" and "Forums" that we will continuously be updating with the latest and greatest HHO related information, and if there is anything HHO related  that we can help you with, please feel free to "Contact Us"

    We are also a Founding Charter Corporate Member of the "International HHO Institute", a growing group of dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced individuals, many of whom  are well known in the HHO community. The goals of the "IHHOI" are to provide standards for quality, safety, and installation,  along with  integrity for the industry. So now, the consumer can become a member, become HHO-educated, and then rest assured that any "IHHOI certified" HHO related products they purchase meets both, all of the established quality and safety guidelines, and all claims made in the products advertising. At present, this is a MAJOR PROBLEM since there are too many  vendors making UNBELIEVABLE and UNSUBSTANTIATED claims about the performance and quality of their "magical" HHO products, although these vendors probably really do believe their claims - so BUYERS BEWARE!

   We recommend to everyone interested in this exciting technology, to get involved by joining and becoming a member of the "International HHO Institute". Log-in to:  to join what is going to become one of the most prestigious organizations that is involved in implementing this technology of the future...


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